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Hello, I am Tor-Verner Guttormsen


My age is 29 and 30 next year 🙁

I make contents
Uh yes!

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25 may 1993 I was born in Hammerfest, then shipped back to civilization Alta. From youngth I discovered how fun taking pictures and hated how my mom always said no, because film rolls costed money back then.

The drive for story telling got stronger by age, like quality wine. At my 18th birthday the closed saving account was unblocked, bought a expensive camera.

This was the begining of wasting my savings on gears, but all these spending gotta count? Right?
No, and yes.

I missed the fundamental, its how you can portray the story in a playful, enjoyful and emontional way that matter. But allowing me to waste money on gears also teached me my fair share of mistakes and flaws.

Im far from perfect, and I love to learn new things everyday. 


One of my flaws are that i’m a very impulsive and cant stand A4 routine. 

One of my quality is I can adapt to unexpected situations well.