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Signe And Vermund Wedding Day / BTS

Behind-the-scenes is something I like to read about. So, I thought I should try to create my own behind-the-scene as videographer.

Before the wedding in Norway

The days before the wedding are a bit of a hectic period where all of the equipment needs to be checked, the schedule must be confirmed and communication with the photographer is in order. I contacted the photographer, Tanja Skoglund a week before the wedding so that we could adapt our involvement in the wedding day in the best possible way. This is very important because we both have a job to do. I should mention that Tanja Skoglund is a lovely and open photographer who is easy to work with.

When it comes to equipment, some things must be rented, so I contacted Mediaveien. I had a talk with Magnus about my request to rent light and sound equipment, which was possible. Now it remains to check the rest of the equipment such as battery, memory card etc. Here is what I checked 2 – 4 times before the wedding day:

  • The battery levels
  • The memory cards are formatted
  • Schedule has been updated
  • Check if all equipment works
  • Recheck camera settings

Video equipment used during wedding in Norway

Preparation of the bride and groom

Preparation of the bride while her mother applies makeup and arranges her hair.

Filming the preparation for the bride is something I personally highly recommend; it can be used to build a very strong story for the wedding video. If time is limited, I choose the bride over the groom. Why? The bride is the boss, it’s her big day. If there’s time to spare then I’ll film the groom.

Groom reads the speech sheet, while I’m doing a 180 orbit with my gimbal

This scene as shown in the picture above, is a scene I personally love. This scene tells the story itself, a mysterious and nervous atmosphere. Here we use film light to bring out the shadows and do a dynamic scene. Personally, I wanted to use a fill light, but didn’t have access to more lights.

Fill – light is a light source that is less strong than key light, and often used in interviews ect.

Seremonien hos Nordlyskatedralen

Wedding ceremony

Filming the wedding ceremony is normally standard, but I always arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony begins. Because I like to meet the priest, get an overview and rig up video and sound equipment. I also chat with the priest about how I’m going to act, then we also attach a microphone to the priest and do a sound check.

The next step is to set up a fixed camera and audio backup, you always want to be prepared for anything! For sound, we use the zoom H4N, which we place either near a speaker or hide it inside a flower near the altar. The reason we use a red shotgun microphone for our fixed camera, is because we synchronize cameras with sounds and several cameras. Worst case scenario, I always have backup solutions; I’m always prepared for the unexpected.

Photo:Tanja Skoglund

Styleshoot at locations

A styleshoot is to release creativity to the fullest and bring out the emotions with cinematic movements. Here it is important to have locations ready near the venue, so we make the most of our time!

The photographer and videographer have two different pose needs. The photographer puts the couple in a pose while the videographer needs movements such as: a walk, holding hands, kissing, stroking the bride on her face. No real answers, but movements for the videographer and poses for the photographer.

This is exactly why I think the photographer and videographer should coordinate to plan a little in advance, so that we do not steal too much time from each other, and wear out the couple.

Venue and speeches

Fotograf Tanja Skoglund

This wedding in Norway venue was in Tverrelvdalen, I drove there after the styleshoot. Normally I take established clips of the empty venue, but it was not possible because all the guests had arrived, so I only got some detailed clips of decorations and other clips.

For speeches I used the Sennheiser AVX-ME2, a wireless lav microphone, which allows me to capture professional sound.

Here is an example of the sound.

Editing wedding film takes time

It’s more than just the highlight

This is how my editing process looks. First, I look through all of the footage, and then edit the highlights, Instagram highlights, full ceremony, speeches, and more. An editing job usually takes 1-3 months. It is not only editing that takes time, but coloring, grading film clips, sound processing, synchronization etc.

Timeline (tidslinjene)

Wedding film result

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