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How I Livestream Weddings

This is How I livestream Weddings, and I want to share it with you guys!

Some people said during the beginning of the pandemic, it’s a great time to offer livestreaming services. I disagree, not because it’s a hotfix, but livestreaming fits most wedding.

Often in weddings you experience family members, friends or close ones who can’t attend for some reason and it bums you out. This is why you might consider livestreaming your wedding / ceremony.

But, is it really that simple to do it myself?

Yes, and no. You can do it the easiest way with the least hassle, using your mobile phone and streaming directly from your mobile camera to Facebook, or YouTube if you pass the subscriptions threshold. But quality and sound will not be top notch, so I do not recommend that.

Behind the Scenes from last Livestreaming

YouTube URL


Also make sure to read My Advice Before You Book Me

My Livestreaming Process

Step by Step:

  1. In the booking progress we agree whatever the stream should be done on a private Facebook group or YouTube, and if the stream should be public or private.
  2. One/Two weeks before the date of livestreaming, I generate a link you can share with whoever you’d like to watch.
  3. On the day of streaming, I connect a wireless mic to the priest, and use a room mic to capture music etc. Bear in mind, some priests may object to that, so be aware of that in the booking process. I will always reach out to the priest and talk with him/her about the upcoming livestreaming.
  4. Five minutes before the ceremony starts, I start the streaming.
  5. After the end of the streaming, I provide the married couple a copy of the entire stream in high quality. A full ceremony video! This is something I include in the streaming package.

Here is a copy sample from the latest livestreaming I did

Exact equipment list here:

  • 2x Sony A7III
  • 16-35mm Canon with Metabone
  • 85mm Sony f/1.8
  • Lenovo Legion Y540
  • 2x tripods
  • Rode Mic
  • Saramonic Blink 500 B2
  • Sennheiser AVX-ME2
  • Zoom H6N
  • Blackmagic Atem Mini
  • PC Monitor

YouTube VS Facebook


There are pros and cons with both of them, but YouTube does offer the best quality stream since Facebook only offers up to 720p and not Full HD.

So which platform should you choose? Well, it depends on you, and if you’re unsure I can help you in regards to that. Here are some pros and cons with both of these platforms below:

– High quality in Full HD
– No account needed to watch
– Easy to share, watch and support Chromecast device ect.
– Copyright algorithm is strong, can shutdown stream if copyrighted songs are detected in stream.
– Not everyone has a YouTube Account, so less greetings in the chat.

– Easy to watch
– Stream to private group you created with the guests.
– You can respons to each of the comments
– Most people have FB, so more greetings will appear
– Facebook copyright is more slack, so playing copyrighted songs in churches can be more tolerated.
– Lower quality than YouTube
– Viewers need a Facebook user to watch

Wi-Fi Solutions in Churches

Churches are not usually fitted with Wi-Fi. That means your image in streams could be choppy, making the watching experience will be bad.

However, there is a solution to boost a more stable and stronger hotspot, it’s bonding!

Speedify is an application I use to bond several mobile phones into one network. This requires having one Wi-Fi for each phone for the streaming device. This method has allowed me to run smooth high-quality streams over cellular network.

Guests Outside the Church

Because of the current pandemic, there are limits on how many guests can attend inside the church, so only close friends and family are usually inside the ceremony and others sit outside.

For the most part they watch the stream on their phone or a shared laptop, however if agreed I can look into if it’s possible to setup a TV screen connected to the stream, so the guests outside can watch on that instead of their phones.

There are many factors that determine if this is possible, like if the church will allow me / is it necessary.

Why Audio Is Crucial

Have you ever watched a Netflix film with a bad internet connection? You might complain about the quality, but still finish watching the film. However, what if the sound was bad?

What if it’s good image quality and bad sound? No, that’s not acceptable.

You may have heard that video is 50% audio, but I disagree and say it’s even more important, because we can accept bad image but not bad audio.

This is the reason you need to prioritize the audio as well as the image. In my last wedding stream, I used a wireless microphone connected to the priest, and a shotgun mic to capture the room sound.

You don’t want to stream the priest’s singing voice, that’s not recommended since they do not like it.

More Stealthy, Thanks!

This is a request I respect, because the last thing I want to do is steal any attention from your big day. However, the stealthier way might kill off the good camera angels, but it’s still doable with great oversight.

Black marks are the best camera angles in this layered church, number 5 and 6 are also great options. While 10 and 9 are an unarmed camera, so possibly a small GoPro would be great.

Examples of streaming from the second floor, most churches I’ve been to have them and there have never been any problems accessing them. This way I’m more invisible from the guests and your view.

However, I do not recommend that location but if you like me to be there, I will do it and do my best to get the best possible image.

Feedback from the couple

Tor Verner streamet vårt bryllup da corona restriksjoner gjorde det slik at vi ikke kunne ha så mange gjester som vi ønsket. En meget profesjonell og faglig flink videograf som vi absolutt ville ha brukt igjen! Han forstod våres behov og imøtekom våres ønsker. Tok seg tid til å komme dagen før i kirka for å planlegge oppsett. Veldig god lyd og bilde! Absolutt å anbefale!

Tor Verner streamed our wedding as corona restrictions made it so we could not have as many guests as we wanted. A very professional and professionally good videographer that we would definitely use again! He understood our needs and met our needs. Took the time to come the day before to church to plan the setup. Very good sound and picture! Definitely to recommend!

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