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Lets Talk About Ranking On Google 101!

Allow me to write a little about Ranking on Google.

Who else can you ask at 3:00am if spiders sleep or not? We can all agree that we love Google, and Google has had positive effects on our lives in some ways, such as learning new skills, figuring out solutions, and finding love and friends.

I cannot express how important it is to be visible on Google search results, but still many companies all around the world don’t have the time or energy to focus on simple steps. Writing small descriptions so the robots can understand your page takes less than 10 minutes, and it essential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Seriously, what is your excuse to not start? Actually, I don’t want to hear that.

In this post we will go through following steps in order to begin your journey on Google. Please NOTE this is oversimplified and very basic, if you’d like a more in-depth talk hit me up, and I would love to discuss it with you.

1) Create Account on Search Console

Google Search Console allows you to update your website faster on Google’s search results page. It should be a no brainer that this is mandatory to have if you want to be visible on the search engine. Luckily setting up the console isn’t as complex as you’d think, if you have 15 minutes to spare, you’re good.

Also, think about it. Even if you don’t do anything more after setting it up, you collect a lot of data that can be useful at later point by someone who has the knowledge. In a year you will thank yourself for spending 15 minutes today.

Step 1
Go to Search Console and set up your account.

Step 2
Add your website in here:

  • Step 3 Copy the TXT and login to your domain reseller
  • Step 4 Go to DNS page
  • Step 5 Choose TXT – Entry
  • Step 6 Paste in TXT, and leave the entry empty this is very important.
  • Step 7 Save

Step 8
Go back to Google Console and hit confirm. If you get an, error try again. TXT should be updated just a few minutes after you created the txt entry in DNS.

Step 9
Open a beer and celebrate, the most technical part is done.

Congrats, you have now successfully added your website to Google Console, now let it accumulate data, which will take a few days. Meanwhile, let’s jump to step 2.

2) Make Webpage SEO Friendly

Making your website friendly for SEO means setting meta descriptions for every single page and post, adding a sitemap for the spider-bots, and making sure your website is mobile friendly.

I’m going to start building better SEO for a blog post on my website “How I Live Stream Wedding” by using Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. Go to the plugin tab in WordPress and add new, search for Yoast, install and activate it. Yoast will automatically build a sitemap and what it needs, you can add more complex parts later but for now go standard, it works perfectly.

When it’s active, I’m heading to the post sections and go to edit.

Then I write the blog post, and when it’s finished, I’m scrolling down to focus keyword. What is focus keyword? Well, every H/tags are in fact keywords but H1 are the main focus keyword. It simply means, it’s your title for the blog. You should only use H1 only once in each post, and H2/3/4/5/6 for other keywords!

Write your META descriptions in short captions, so people want to click on your post in Google. Make sure to include the main keyword in title and meta.

When you get the green smiley face, you’re all set. Make sure to check the other keywords, and try to change them accordingly to what makes sense and also what people search for. Remember, keyword stuffing is something Google punishes, so don’t force in keywords. Make sure to focus on creating high quality content instead of just trying to get the green smiley.

Often, I come across people that are too focused on achieving the green smiley face that they completely ruin a decent SEO post. Sometimes don’t fight for the green emoji, it’s just an indication after all, and not a tool measuring if it’s perfect.

3) Ask Google console to Index

Now when you have finished the basic SEO for the page or post, it’s time to ask Google to crawl the page to publish it on Google Search Results Page (SERP).

Head back into Google Search Console and paste the link to the post or page and press enter. Now you should see a page “Website is not on Google” Don’t worry, click “Ask for Indexing”.

Wait a few hours – a day to two and check if your post is on Google by typing in the Google Search bar.


Now you has to send in a sitemap. Your sitemap is “”

4) Finding Keywords for Blog-Post

Finding the right keywords to use is the hard part of SEO. Luckily several tools exist out there to help us out. Personally, I’m very happy with Mangool tools, it’s cheap and a very in-depth tool to research keywords, webpages and more.

Let’s say your business targets unemployment and businesses within this category. A good relevant topic to write about can be “How to Write CV”, this topic has over 3,000 monthly searches in Norway as seen below:

I’m looking up what type of keywords used for the post, and now I can take these keywords and do further research about other relevant webpage uses. Then I can make my own list of keywords.

When I’m creating the blog post about how to write CV, I will make sure to write it with SEO intent.

5) What Is Domain Authority

“The domain authority of a website describes its relevance for a specific subject area or industry. Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz. This relevance has a direct impact on its ranking by search engines, trying to assess domain authority through automated analytic algorithms.” Wikipedia

Let’s say your website scores around the same as, this means you have a fair fight to beat them by running SEO warfare on these keywords we talked about.
However, if your website DA is low, you still have a chance to get shown under them. You could benefit from finding other keywords to find places they forgot about.

6) What is Backlinking

I cannot stress it enough, backlinking is one of the best ways to build strong authority on the web. Backlinking is when other websites link to your website. There are two types of backlinking, DF, and NF.

DF/NF Stand for Do Follow and No Follow.
As you can see in the picture below, several other websites link back to as DF the green one. This means it’s a Do Follow, that tells Google “Hey, we vouch for them.” So, when a higher DA links as do follow link, the lower one gets their ranking strengthened.

No Follow simply means, “Hey Google, we want to link to them but we do not want to be associated with them. Many cases you want to use No Follow in is linking to products, facts, or perhaps other companies that used no follow to you.

No Follow linking won’t strengthen your ranking, but it can help you build more traffic and hits on Google. Do not freak out if a high DA gives you a No Follow link, in fact, what is better? A No Follow link, or no link at all? Surely NF links are good then.

What you can do it reach out the company who linked you, and politely ask if they can update the URL to Do Follow, if you think they did it on accident.

7) How to Build Backlinking

Building backlinking for your brand is like another planet, you need to know your business model out and in. Let’s take an example of a web design company, they always have a button at the footer, a credit, or watermark that in almost every case is a Do Follow backlink to their website.

More examples can be turned up in newspapers, some news outlets actually have Do Follow as original. So, when they write about you, they often also add the website link. I’ve seen several cases for news channels writing about companies and leaving URL links to the company as a Do Follow link.

A bad example of backlinking is black hat linking. Black hat linking is a technique used to drive traffic to a website, often though disapproved means or loopholes. This is in no way good for long term building, and may also result in harsh punishment from Google itself, which means you’re screwed. There are benefits for black hat backlinking are if you do it right and be very careful.

Here’s an example of bad black hat: Finding a random WordPress and commenting random things with your URL link.

Here’s an example of good black hat linking: Finding a relevant website that still allows for Do Follow your commenting, and you write something relevant and also being cool about it and polite add your website.

Either way, stay away from being spammy.

The best tip is: find good quality webpages with potential for your business, and do deep research. Find out what they need and what you can do for them. Offer them money to write about your business, or make products or ads for them.

8) Stop Using Google Ads

Don’t get me wrong, Google ads are a great way to achieve your goals and actually have helpful ways to give good ROI. This is like apples and oranges; you need to understand your business audience and geographic market.

If you don’t understand your market you will end up losing money rather having a return. Google ads are expensive and can spend more than your original budget if you don’t keep an eye out. This is because Google wants to earn money and give the best ads if you group most impressions possible.

For example: If you’re running an Internet shop with national shipping, product placement ads are actually good to run. But if you’re running a local gym center in a town of 50,000 people, Google ads can be pointless. You will achieve more ROI using Social Media marketing and organic ranking.


Not thinking about SEO in 2021 for your website can make you vulnerable for the future when the competition gets harder and the internet grows. It’s not every business model that needs to aim the focus on being killer in SEO, its all about understanding your audience and what you want to achieve after all.

Too many companies are out there paying for expensive Google ads they could achieve for free by doing decent SEO work. It’s about finding trending keywords and giving them solutions for those keywords. If you can cover a solution to a problem that’s relevant to your business, you won and it’s free.

I don’t want to dive into Google ads, that’s another planet. It’s another universe with blackholes everywhere.

I recommend you start being more active on Google today!

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