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My Advice Before You Book Me

Wedding video tips and tricks for the day and the day itself

As soon as possible, you should involve the videographer with the photographer so that I can adapt your big day as best as possible. Send an email to with the following information as soon as possible, at least one week before the day, fill in what you can.

  • Photographer name and phone number
  • The priest’s name and any telephone number
  • Wedding planner, if you have
  • Toastmaster’s name and contact information.
  • Sound techniques and band names and contact information
  • Timeline of the wedding
  • Other events out of the ordinary, such as confetti and other surprises that may happen
  • Other

Furthermore, you must take into account time spent in connection with driving distance from the church to the location for photo and video photography. Recommends a minimum of 2 hours for shooting and filming video. If you do not have a photographer then I still recommend 1 – 2 hours.

Preparations before the wedding day

One of the most important things before the wedding day is the make-up. For photographers using flash, you should not use makeup that contains shimmer, as well as some high-sun (SPF) makeup brands. Fortunately, most makeup artists know about this, here is a link with some tips and what to avoid:

Preparation in the morning

Filming the preparations in the morning is important for telling your story, it gives us the opportunity to build up your wedding video with emotion and mystery. Here I recommend that you let us come 1 hour before the makeup is finished. We then use to film various details such as the wedding dress, shoes and bouquet. This usually takes 30-45 minutes, then we film some final touch film of bride and groom, and possibly hairdresser / make-up.

Briefly summarizes what we normally film in preparation:


  • The dress, the veil, the shoes and such
  • Details of the venue
  • Opening of champagne
  • In makeup and finish product
  • Finished hair
  • The bride reads from her speech sheet
  • The bride with bridesmaids
  • Various other wishes

The groom:

  • The shoes, belt, watch and such
  • Details of the venue
  • When the groom arrange her hair ++
  • The groom reads from his speech sheet
  • The groom with groomsmen and other followers
  • Various other wishes

Church ceremony

We arrive at the church at least half an hour before the ceremony begins, this is to film some details of the church room, greet the priest and set up sound and camera, as well as get an overview. We constantly find that some guests can quickly disrupt the ceremony with photo / phone, so we recommend having a photo ban during the ceremony. In addition, guests will have the opportunity to take photos outside the church after the ceremony. The church ceremony is pretty standard, but if you have chosen a ceremony with changes we should know this, so it will not come as a surprise during the ceremony.

For the bridal couple, it’s good to remember to create the little moments to perpetuate this: Hold each other’s hands, look each other’s eyes, little kisses and hug! 😊

From the church it is common to film:

  • The groom’s impatient and nervous wait
  • The bride arrives and gets out of the car
  • The bride waiting in the hallway before the entrance procession
  • Bridesmaids coming
  • witnesses
  • Priest, guests, singers
  • The ring ceremony with ring attachment
  • Marriage Confirmation / Prayer (both front and back)
  • The bridal couple who have sat down and the moments between them
  • Blessing and exit procession
  • Close-up of details (decorations, bridal bouquet, program, Bible and such)

After church the wedding ceremony

After the wedding, it is normal that you have something planned with the photographer outside on the stairs, for example, take group photos, children’s pictures and such. In the meantime, when this is going on, we rig down the equipment inside the church and try to “sneak” film a bit outside of the guests and you. What is common to film outside the church is the car, the guests and when you get in the car and drive from the church.

“Styleshoot” at locations is something you either agree with us or with the photographer. We always participate in a “styleshoot” on location. “Styleshoot” is important for the end result, as it gives us the opportunity to build a “cinematic” experience of your end product. The shoot must be coordinated with the photographer as they most often need posing while we need movement. We will be giving tips and advice during the shoot so you get the best results!

If you are going to move out into the terrain a little, it may be wise for the bride to bring sneakers or boots to change while walking. The wedding day is a long day and it can go a long time between meals. So we recommend that you bring some snack and something to drink, preferably a picnic basket. You may want to bring your champagne or other beverages and glasses so that you can bring out a bowl of fiancee and other bridal party on location.

Some want to use props at locations, this can be anything from for example Star Wars lightsabers, balloons and the like. A tip from us is that Ebay sells lots of different for a cheap money. Remember to consider if this is something you want early in terms of delivery time.

The wedding party, speeches and the dance

At the party there are some established traditions such as cutting the wedding cake, bridal wreaths, speeches, bowls with “forced” kissing and such. It is important that both we and the photographer have the opportunity to take a photo and video of the cake before it is cut. It is important that we are told before the cake is to be cut and before the bridal dance, so that we can find a good location and have time to prepare this for filming.

If confetti cannons, smoke machine, fireworks or similar are to be used, we want to be notified in advance so that we can prepare for this for your film.

Although it may seem like we have good control, we depend on the toastmaster to help us with the speeches. We need at least 3-5 minutes for each person to speak. This is because we like to avoid capture bad sound quality. We use up to 3 audio sources, 2 of which are backup solutions. Alternatively, we recommend that you have a fixed podium with a set microphone for those who want to speak, as we can easily get good sound without having to connect a microphone to everyone. To the bride and groom, we recommend that you keep the speech from your location. Remember to give us 5-10 minutes notice so we can connect microphones to you.

We fully understand that movie light may not be popular among guests, but it can be crucial to a good end result. This is something that depends on the venue, how well illuminated it is from before. If we use film light we will do our best to hide this and only use it when needed. When they are not needed we turn them off.

These are our wedding video tips and tricks list, this blog post will be updated periodically.

Our wish is the best possible result, and an end product that you will be happy with!

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