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Winter Wedding at Sorrisniva Ice Hotel

February 2, 2020, I filmed my first winter wedding at Sorrisniva Ice Igloo Hotel. There Aina and Dean got married. Here are my experiences from the scenes of the magical ice wedding.

The Day Begins With Reindeer Sledding

Aina and Dean invited me to capture reindeer sledding. I am eternally grateful that they invited me to something so cool. This kind of activity gives me more room for creative editing.

snapshot from the movie
snapshot from the movie
snapshot from the movie

Filming wedding out in snowy winter

For many, it may sound scary, maybe you have a camera equivalent to 2x your salary, and lenses worth thousands. These are my precautions:

  • Do not let the DJI batteries freeze, or the drone might not start, wrap the batteries well in wool, and if there’s a heat source such as a bonfire, let the batteries get some heat at the first opportunity
  • Change the lens as little as possible, I always bring two cameras with 2 different lenses
  • Finger tip gloves are your friend, don’t forget mittens
  • Minimum equipment and maximum efficiency, plan the trip in advance and limit the equipment considerably

There are many photographers and videographers who are on winter assignments every year, and one thing we all have in common, is frozen fingertips so fingertip gloves combined with mittens is a must.

Equipment list that day

  • Sony A7S
  • Sony A7III
  • Sony A6500
  • Sony 24 – 240mm f4
  • Sony 10-18mm f4
  • Sigma 20mm f1.4
  • Samyang 50mm f1.4
  • Samyang 35mm f2.8
  • Aputure hr672c lighting
  • Varavon slider
  • Libec TH650DV tripod
  • DJI Phantom 3 adv
  • Tascam DR10-L
  • Zhiyun crane 2
  • + +

Details are alpha omega

snapshot from the movie

B-roll is video material that creates scenes, shows details or builds the story. For example, at a wedding, instead of filming the wedding, you can film b-roll on the outside of the church, the faces of the guests, the dress, the flowers, the clock, the veil of the bride, etc. These clips can be used to cover video cuts, transition from scene to scene and structure, etc.

Sorrisniva Ice Igloo Hotel has absolutely unique details, but how did I shoot them? Since it is a hotel made of ice, I decided to use a sliding effect from a slider, because ice is slippery and smooth. I went for sliding movements in the wedding film.

The wedding ceremony at Sorrisniva ice hotel

At 6pm the ceremony started and I can admit I forgot the time when capturing details. Have never in my life set up 3 camera shoot so fast, despite my mistake I managed to get the ceremony filmed with good sound and quality.

From a regular wedding ceremony, the ice hotel is so quiet that moving during the ceremony is not advisable, my tip is that everything setup in advance, then station you in a position so you wont disturb the ceremony and ruin the sound.

Listen to how silent it is

For the audio I used the Tascam DR10L recorder; it is a small recorder with a lavalier microphone. The Tascam DR10L is not a wireless recorder that I have used before, it records externally and creates two files, one in auto level and one in -12 db. This way, I always have a backup if the main sound peaks or something else happens. The reason I no longer want to use wireless comes from interference, here you have a sound clip from a wireless lavalier mic that gets interrupted.

In a previous wedding I used a wireless transmitter, here is why you shouldn’t

Why you should have a wedding at Sorrisniva.

snapshot from the movie

Getting married surrounded by ice is something quite unique; it’s a special touch you rarely find anywhere else in the world. The best reasons could be the silence you have never heard before, reindeer sledding, cultural Samie stories in lavvo with coffee, and maybe the Northern Lights.

snapshot from the movie
snapshot from the movie
snapshot from the movie

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